Complete rewiring of housing or commercial premises.

Upgrade domestic or commercial switchboards/install safety switches.

If your switchboard is old or uses rewirable fuses you may need to upgrade to and install circuit breakers and safety switches to protect your family or staff members.

In older premises that have had equipment or wiring added to them over time it is also common to find that circuits have been overloaded which can increase the risk of fires starting as the circuit may not be able to carry the required electrical load.

At Greater Western Electrical we are more than happy to inspect your switchboard and suggest a course of action which will improve the safety of your home or business and protect family or staff members. All of our works are fully certified and come with a certificate of electrical safety and the guarantee that they are working efficiently and protecting your property.

When Ballan, Bacchus Marsh, Caroline Springs, Melton, Rockbank, Sydenham, Tarneit, Taylors Lakes, Taylors Hill, Werribee residents are in need of an emergency electrician, they know to get in touch with the Greater Western Electrical team.

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